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As a new foreign-Korean student (entrant outside the garden) who has entered the special case for screening foreigners and overseas Koreans, Those with a certain score or higher.

  • Freshman: A certain amount of tuition is paid according to the results of new students.
  • Student: Paid according to the enrollment record of a certain amount of tuition.


Graduate school

A foreigner-Korean student who entered the school as a new student (admission student outside the quota) with a certain score or higher.

  • Freshman: 50,100% reduction in tuition.
  • Student: 50% (Grade 4.2)


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Students who have outstanding academic records, who have financial difficulties, who have submitted a complete scholarship application in time, or who have displayed exemplary conduct.
  • Students who have earned 12 credit hours (9 credit hours in the semester just before the last semester) during the previous semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Exceptions
    • 1. Students who are re-registering for additional semesters due to insufficient grades or credit hour requirements for graduation must pay the tuition in full to apply for a scholarship.
    • 2. Students must not have any failing grades in the previous semester to be eligible for the academic excellence scholarship.
    • 3. Returning students must also apply during the application period to be eligible for a scholarship; returning students whose tuition is exempted are not eligible.

Scholarship Application Period

  • The scholarship application period shall be setup at the end of the semester that comes immediately before the semester a scholarship is received. For example, to receive a scholarship for the second semester of 2021 students must apply for it during the application period at the end of the first semester of 2021.
  • The application period will be notified on the university (undergraduate) website.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Go to SKKU GLS (Sungkyunkwan Intranet Service) – Application Requirement Management – Scholarship - Application menu, fill out an application form, and submit all of the relevant documents to your department's office.

Payment of Scholarships

  • Deductions in Tuition Statement: Scholarships are paid as deductions in tuition-statements. That means that the scholarship amounts is specified in a student's tuition statement which is mailed every semester, and they only need to pay what remains after the deduction.
  • Cash Payment (payment into student’s bank account or issuance of scholarship certificate): If a notice of reduction in tuition has already been made to a student but the scholarship recipient changes, then the new recipient will receive the scholarship in cash. If a student who is the recipient of a continuous scholarship returns to school after a leave of absence, the student’s scholarship will also be paid in cash. Also, scholarships from non-university scholarship foundations are paid in cash as well.

Registering Scholarship Receiving Account

  • Go to GLS (Application Requirement Management – Scholarship Application – Scholarship Receipt menu) and fill out your account information (your own account only).

Application for Off-Campus Scholarships from Scholarship Foundations

  • When SKKU receives a request from a scholarship foundation to recommend a student, the details are posted on the main SKKU or department websites.